First Moto Rider- Things To Know Before Riding

First Moto rider- Things To Know Before Riding

Every first moto rider dreams of driving on a long ride. Moreover, they get eager to push their motorcycle when the weather is good. A long journey with your perfect bike is pleasant, but there are things to know before beginning the trip. Therefore, we are here to help you with the basics so that you can drive safely and have fun. So, here is a post for every first moto rider.

First Moto rider- Where To Go

First Moto Rider- Things To Know Before Riding
First Moto rider- Things To Know Before Riding

A first-time biker thinks that they can go wherever they want. However, this is not it as you should consider how far you will go and how should be the surrounding. Thus, you can easily anticipate the upcoming situations on the road like the corners. Besides, you should indicate to others on the street about whether you will turn or move. You can use your head or hand as a signal to point them.

Ride Defensively

However, this may sound a bit weird, but it is common to assume that everyone is going to hit you. It is because others are not expecting bikes on the way. In general, there are more cars than a motorcycle on the road. Therefore, ride more carefully so that you can ride for long as there are more chances of injury on the way.

Moreover, other than controlling your riding, you cannot do anything else. Pay attention to street corners, stations for filling gas, and even parking lots.

First Moto Rider Make These Adjustments

Turn Off The Choke

Most of the new bikers turn on the choke, which is also essential. However, a running choke will waste the gas. Since the gas prices are on the hike so wasting gas is a bad idea, especially when you don’t need it.

Mirror Adjustments

Adjust the bike’s mirrors before riding because, unlike cars, you cannot adjust them easily. Therefore, sit on your motorcycle to get a correct view of the surroundings. And set the mirrors so that you get the right side and back view. However, it is easy to set them by keeping the bike on the full stand.

First Moto Rider- Things To Know Before Riding
First Moto rider- Things To Know Before Riding

First Moto rider- Bike Inspection


What else you should do is to inspect the motorcycle before driving. There are three ways to power the bike. Fortunately, the first shaft and belt-driven require less maintenance, but the chain-driven needs more support.

Moreover, the common one is belt-driven, but you will get chain-driven power on a sports bike — no need to inspect much if it has a shaft-driven. However, the rest of the two need careful inspections. Don’t drive a bike with improper conditions. As a result, the chance of accidents is more.

Therefore, move the rear wheel and see whether it moves freely or not. Are the wheels dirty, loose, or tight? On the other hand, if it moves freely and is not too close or free, then it is in perfect condition.

Oil Leakage

Finally, an important inspection to do. Check for the fuel leakage. In case there is a leakage, then take it to the mechanics and have complete repair. Once everything is okay, then go and ride.

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