How To Get Your Start In Motorcycle Stunt


Do you want to be a motorcycle stuntman? Then here are some ways on how to get your start. One way is to take the first vehicle of your choice and get it towed by some private individuals.

Other practical ways to get started is by going to an event or meet up at a public place where they have permission to allow you to practice the motorcycle stunts and do a demonstration of your skills. Or, you can make use of your friends as support to ride some of their vehicles.

Consider Healthy And Safety

If you are thinking about becoming a stuntman, the main risk you should consider is to your health and safety. In this regard, it would be a wise idea to ask for help from those in the know and inquire about your options.

Nowadays, there are many agencies that specialize in the repair and maintenance of motorcycles and other vehicles that carry their share of public liability insurance. To avail of their services, all you need to do is ask for assistance.

How to Get Your Start in Motorcycle Stunt
How To Get Your Start In Motorcycle Stunt

Another option would be to have a clean motorcycle and still perform the stunts by yourself. You may also put a little bit of extra training into your motorbike driving skills. There are some states and countries wherein you will not need to undergo any type of formal training.


The best way to practice is to take a trainee with you who has health and fitness and is in a healthy and fit body. This is because it’s difficult to ride a bike on one hand. The person who is in better physical condition may help you with fewer injuries.

And you can do some additional motorbike stunts while they are waiting for you. This is really a good opportunity to brush up on your motorbike driving skills and try out new stunts. To further ease your mind, you can always ask your fellow stunt people to provide the support of some of their riding skills so that your performance level will be enhanced.

It’s best to choose a track which has different types of bikes from all over the world. This way, you’ll get a chance to practice riding the Japanese bikes, British bikes, American bikes, and European motorcycles. This is one of the best ways to stay busy while enjoying the ride.

How to Get Your Start in Motorcycle Stunt
How To Get Your Start In Motorcycle Stunt

Fix Your Bike

You can always try to fix your own bike if you can’t afford to buy a road-worthy vehicle. Most companies today offer low-cost parts that will help you buy your own bike.

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How To Get Your Start In Motorcycle Stunt

There are also several agencies that offer services for such instances as traveling, transport, rental, and trailer maintenance. Such services can include inspection, consultation, painting, repairing, and maintenance, and removal of parts.

Final Thoughts

Some agencies even offer technical assistance on how to go about motorbike tricks, wheelies, and skid steer on a dirt bike. These agencies may even give you advice on how to get a break.

But even if you are interested in performing a motorbike stunt, it is always advisable to seek the help of the community. Learn more about motorbike stunts before you take the risk of doing stunts on your own.