Motorbike Racing – How To Prepare For It?

Motorbike Racing – How To Prepare For It

Are you looking forward to having your first bike race? Well, I can tell you that the answer is “yes” if you are reading this article. Many emerging racers have no idea about how to prepare for the first “motorbike racing”? They usually think it is all about practice and learning tactics but forget about the second aspect of it. Training your muscles and cardiovascular system is as important as bike training. So, in this context, we will discuss how to rock your first bike race.

Motorbike Racing – How To Prepare For It?
Motorbike Racing – How To Prepare For It?

Get A Map

Your training routine should be planned according to the riding you are going to. You need to figure out what physical fitness and technical training you will need. In addition to planning a map, you also need to look for the other aspects of racing. Figure out the average time requires finishing the competition and grades.

Motorbike Racing – Focus On Physical Training

As soon as you get the competition dates, start working on your leg muscles. If you haven’t been doing extensive training, then it is best to switch to muscular endurance training. Besides this, focus on a protein-rich diet that can help you to build lean muscles. 

Ride Training

You are just starting, so you don’t have to ride a bike at a fast pace. Instead, you should get an idea about the terrain you are going to face. In addition to it, note down the grades and lengths of the uphills and downhills. This will help you imitate the conditions during training. Besides this, do watch your performance each day and try to do better than the previous one. Note down your progress to know where you stand and how far you will need to go.

Motorbike Racing – Go For A Bike Trainer

A bike trainer sounds good when you are preparing for your first race.  Via a bike trainer, you will be able to exercise while riding it. Many new riders think that they can work with the stationary bike. However, it doesn’t create the same resistance setting that will be created during the race. You need to work on your gears skills, and thus there is nothing more helpful than trainer bikes.

Motorbike Racing – Watch Out Your Bike Setup

Bring changes in the bike the way you want it to be during the race. You need to adjust the pedals, handlebars, and seat to get maximum benefit while riding the bike in a competition. During the race, you will be sitting straight up, standing, or leaning forward. Thus, it becomes important to bring such changes that will support your moves.

Eat Right!

You will need a protein-rich diet to build some hardcore muscles and complex carbohydrate while aerobic training. You can include protein shakes, sports drinks, energy bars, and gels to replace fat, sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, and electrolytes.


Motorbike Racing – How To Prepare For It?
Motorbike racing – How To Prepare For It?

Proper and correct training is the key to rock your first ever motorbike racing. Besides this, you need to train hard. Practice in a way that won’t cause any injury too. In short, work hard, but, work smart as well.

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