Motorcycle Brands: Top 5 Most Popular And Best-Selling


Everybody who has a bike also has a beloved brand of choice. As you know, there are lots of brands available in the market that provide several models of motorcycles for customers. Every brand has its own identity and created some memories in the heads of customers. Whether it is about the overall bike riding experience or accessories available in the market, the brand matters a lot.

If you also want to get a new motorcycle, you should know about the top 5 motorcycle brands that you can prefer. Check out the list below and decide on your favorite bike brand in the market.

Motorcycle Brands: Top 5 Most Popular And Best-Selling
Motorcycle Brands: Top 5 Most Popular And Best-Selling

Motorcycle brands: Yamaha

Yamaha is one of the top motorcycle companies providing lots of motorcycle models for consumers around the world. These motorcycles are known for superior ride quality, performance, and easy handling. Yamaha is a Japanese manufacturer where they provide budget bikes, racing bikes and off-roading motorcycles for customers.


Honda is the biggest bike producer in the world and a well-known corporation having a top reputation in the market. They are known to sell 15 million bikes annually all over the world. This company is very popular in Asian markets and also dominates in countries like North America. You can always trust the products of Honda because of their genuine quality and use of the latest technology.

Harley Davidson:

If you are a bike lover, you had heard the name of Harley Davidson. Harley-Davidson is a well-known American company known for its heavy bikes and a complete range of accessories. Harley Davidson is known to have the status of a legend motorcycle company. You will surely love to explore long journeys on a Harley Davidson.


Motorcycle Brands: Top 5 Most Popular And Best-Selling
Motorcycle Brands: Top 5 Most Popular And Best-Selling

Ducati is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that produces powerful sports bikes. Ducatispends more than 7% of its revenue on its racing business. If you also love super sports bike having beast performance, you can go for Ducati without thinking twice.

Motorcycle Brands: Kawasaki

Kawasaki has an excellent reputation and recognition as a manufacturer of a complete range of bikes. Whether you want to get a small budget bike or sports bike having superior performance, you will get these options in the range by Kawasaki. This brand is loved all over the world for its reliable and powerful engines with great handling at higher speeds. Also, they have production sites in countries like Japan, the Philippines, North America, Thailand, and Indonesia.

These are the top 5 motorcycle brands that you will love as per your riding desire and choices. When you want to make a decision for the perfect bike for you from all these brands, you will need to know about your preferences. If you want a super-fast racing bike, you can go for Ducati, Yamaha or Honda. In case, If you want to find some good options in the lower budget, Honda and Kawasaki will be a good choice. If you love a bike for long trips and legendary looks, you can go for Harley Davidson.