Motorcycle Cornering Problems And Solutions

Motorcycle Cornering Problems And Solutions

A motorcycle is the most common form of transport that is used by anyone and everyone around us. They have a history of different types and designs since the early centuries of their discoveries. The models of motorcycles vary from one bike to another as they can be two-wheelers and three-wheelers at the same time. Vehicles are put to use for various purposes like racing, sporting, or anything that requires speed and skills. They are also used in some social activities that can also be some political rallies or events which require a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Cornering Problems And Solutions
Motorcycle Cornering Problems And Solutions

Tip Number One For Motorcycle Riders

The best tip that one can give to a rider is cornering, which is an art mastered by very few motorcycle riders. Just in case if you are riding on a two-lane road, and you are riding below the speed limit of the way. The feeling of drifting outward when you round a right-hand curve and your wheels touching the centerline. What could be your reaction if a car comes suddenly in front of your turning? The feeling won’t be less than getting caught in a situation, just like a deer being caught in the headlights.

What would be the right way to respond here?

You need to make sure that you continue to focus on where you are going and not lose your concentration. In this case, the best way to respond is to continue to move on your destination by not taking your eyes off the road. Moreover, you should not forget that your target is to turn away from the exit and not the incoming vehicle. Tighten up your line by pressing forward the inside handgrip and keep your path straight. Also wear protective gear specially created for motorcyclists for safety purposes.

Motorcycle Cornering Problems And Solutions
Motorcycle Cornering Problems And Solutions

Tip Number 2 For Motorcycle

  • Hold on to the throttle in a steady way.
  • Make sure to look through the turning.
  • Countersteer.

What would be the wrong way to respond here?

Most of the riders make a mistake and continue to stare at the incoming vehicle instead of staring at the road. They freeze up at the wrong time and roll off the throttle and lose their concentration on the road. In such situations, the bike goes in the direction of your looking that is towards the incoming vehicle. In this way, such circumstances lead to some of the other disasters to happen in your life.

Motorcycle Cornering Problems And Solutions

Tip Number Three For Motorcycle

  • Freezing in a place.
  • I am staring at something.

The Reality Behind All Of It

The real reason that cornering is an art that is mastered by very few riders is losing concentration in some situations. When one loses strength and tends to focus on other things while riding, then they are prone to casualties. If you are also someone who has problems in such situations, then you should go for a training session.


Thus, by reading the above article, you must have understood the concept of cornering in a very particular way. Since you are aware of the do’s and dont’s so you won’t commit any mistake here.

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