Motorcycle Stunt- How To Be Safe While Performing?

Motorcycle Stunt- How To Be Safe While Performing?

In the world of motorcyclists, motorcycle stunt is something new. It has gained not only the audience but also the attention of thrill-seekers. Since stunt needs acrobatic tricks, it defies gravity, laws of physics, and nature. Motorcycle stunts are performed in TV programs and movies, or in live shows. However, everything happens under the supervision of most skilled professionals. Also, while attempting stunts, there could be a severe injury. This post explains how you can keep safe while performing tricks.

Motorcycle Stunt- How To Be Safe While Performing?
Motorcycle Stunt- How To Be Safe While Performing?

Motorcycle Stunts- How It Is Carried Out?

In general, a motorcycle stunt is a maneuver that is carried out on dirt bike — furthermore, people from various places design stunts and tricks that captures the attention of fans. One of the oldest types of stunt performed on a motorcycle is wheelies. Bikers perform it in parking lots, on the street, and private locations. In a wheelie, the front wheel lifts above the ground while the engine is revved.

Motorcycle Stunt Basics

You can see variations of stunts such as performing acrobatic stunts, etc. If you wish to get into a motorcycle stunt, you will need a motorcycle and some basic info. Also, planning and location for performing are needed. Safety equipment is a point often overlooked. Without it, you will not only injure yourself but also crush your dream of performing a stunt.

Furthermore, you will have to take the necessary precautions to perform stunts. Thus, we always start with an understanding of the basics.

Motorcycle Stunt Precautions


Safety is vital in the first place. Moreover, safety measures play an essential role when you have to perform a death-defying stunt. In other words, plan your attempt before you execute it. Also, take the safety of people into account. For example, if you perform it on the street, take care of the people around you.

Furthermore, people must be a hundred feet away. It is because in case you lose control, you avoid putting people in danger. Intense torque and high RPM’s cause of loss of control. Hence, seek location which is isolated and legal to practice at.

Motorcycle Stunt- How To Be Safe While Performing?
Motorcycle Stunt- How To Be Safe While Performing?

Personal Safety

You will need a helmet when you perform a motorcycle stunt. It will cover your head entirely and full face. It will not only save you from the crash but also keeps your jawline away from the ground. Further, wear knee and elbow pads. No matter which great motorcyclist you are, you can still fall. You might have seen riders wear a t-shirt and shorts while performing. So, make sure you have elbow and knee protection. Also, steel-toed boots protect your ankles and feet. Do not forget to wear gloves; it will protect your skin.

Motorcycle Safety

In order to protect your bike from the dangerous crash, you must use scrape bars. Also, crash cages and seats while attempting wheelie. Similarly, protect your feet, leg, and bike engine in the first place.

The first thing to remember is that you should never overestimate your ability. People often face dangerous accidents due to improper safety gear. You must also prefer high-quality safety gear and equipment.

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