Motorcycle Stunt: Know About Some

Safety Tips For The Motorcycle Show

Motorcycle stunt is the activity that checks people’s self on endurance, balance, flexibility, and strength. However, there are two kinds of stunts available. One is a dual stunt and while other is an individual stunt. Dual stunts perform by one person while individual stunts perform by two persons.

Motorcycle Stunts: Know About Some
Motorcycle Stunts: Know About Some

List Of Some Motorcycle Stunt


Wheelie is the most accessible form of stunt. You can perform it very quickly with a bike. Additionally, with the use of a motorcycle, you can perform stunt by little effort. But if you want to play a power wheelie, then you have to need a sturdy bike.

However, on the first gear, you can perform pump wheelies at speed below20 km/h.

What Can Go Wrong?

High acceleration can bring your bike front wheel more elevated in the air. So it can harm you very severely.


The bike with front disc brake you can perform this stunt. It is playing at a slow speed around 20 to 25 km/h. Moreover, the first part of this stunt is bodyweight shifting. What can go wrong

Don’t jam brake too much because it causes the flip.

Rolling Stoppie

This stunt is the advance version of stunt Stoppie. For doing this stunt, you need a high command over the bike. Furthermore, while you do Stoppie stunt and stay it for some meters, then rolling Stoppie happens.

What Can Go Wrong?

For stunt with the front wheel requires reasonable control and concentration. A little body shift can cause you seriously.

Burnout: Motorcycle Stunt

Burnout stunt is possible by any motorcycle, but make sure it has an excellent front brake. Meanwhile, if the brakes are not good, then lineup yourself against support.

What Can Go Wrong?

It gives lots of force on the clutch, front brake, and the engine. If more burnout is performing, then it can wear off rapidly. Because of pressure, the front brake can lose grip so the bike can damages. 


It is the high-level stunt of burnout. Donuts are performing when doing a burnout and easily sliding the motorcycle. Two methods can do this stunt one is standing on the bike while the throttle is controlling. The other one is keeping your feet on the surface and circling it. However, it is one of the favorite stunts, but it takes years of experience.

What Can Go Wrong?

Well, probably everything. The bike can slip, and you can lose control if its tire slides too much.

Furthermore, motorcycle stunts should perform only by expert riders. Some people do stunts for fame, and others do it for money while others do for enjoyment.

Although stunt should follow some script and plan to lessen the danger of security, it should evaluate their responsibility and be honest with themselves.

However, they should be prepared to handle the consequences of acts.

List Of Crucial Modification Of Stunt Bike Requirements

Motorcycle Stunt: Stunt Dented The Gas Tank

It helps the people to sit on the tank comfortably with a perfect grip. By this, you can do high chair wheelies very quickly.

Motorcycle Stunts: Know About Some
Motorcycle Stunts: Know About Some

Double Piston Caliper Rear Disc Brakes

It will permit the biker to perform a wheelie by standing on the seat. If you have the cut seat bike, then this you can perform a better stunt.

So, these are some stunts of the motorcycle.

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