Safe Ride- Tips To Ride Safely For Beginners

Safe Ride- Tips To Ride Safely For Beginners

A rider usually gets hurt when their motorcycle crash. This happens because they do not follow safe ride tips. Around 96% motorcyclist’s injury themselves every year a report says. Protection is must to every motor rider as it can turn into two-wheeled calamity anytime. Follow these tips now.

Safe Ride- Tips To Ride Safely For Beginners
Safe Ride- Tips To Ride Safely For Beginners

Safe Ride Tips

Bike Gears

Another critical point is to wear protective gear. For example, clothing can minimize injury during the skid. On the other hand, non-skid soles, boots, clothing, gloves are needed. It will protect your body thoroughly. Therefore, attach reflective tape so that it makes it easy for the driver to see objects.

Wear Helmet

As can be seen, experts emphasize on this point regularly. It is the best way to safeguard your head. Hence, riders should always wear a helmet. It not only sustains a head injury but also provide a face shield. Thus, you are risk-free.


If you ride faster, you will require pressure to stop the motorcycle. Also, obey the traffic rules and laws of the road. You can follow the signs on the road. Hence, always keep the speed limit in check.

Safe Ride- Tips And Checks To Ride Safely
Safe Ride- Tips To Ride Safely For Beginners

Hone Skills

In the first place, get a formal safe riding education. It will not only sharpen riding strategies but also safeguard you. Next, get a license and courses regularly to hone riding techniques.

Safe Ride Checks

See whether your motorcycle fits the road requirement or not. In other words, prior to road-hitting, look up.

Look Beneath The Motorcycle

Also, check leakage. It does not have fluid leaking.


Checking bulges, cracks, and signs of wear is a point often overlooked. If you see low tire pressure, get it aired. In other words, the tires must be filled with air.

Fluids Level For Safe Ride

Check the fluid level once a week


After mounting the motorcycle, you need to follow secure ride checks.

Throttle And Clutch

In this case, the throttle and clutch should work smoothly.

Light Checking

Once a week assess beam intensity. Thus, this way, you test the functioning of lights.

Safe Ride- Adjust Mirrors

In general, adjust the mirror to make sure it provides a sharp view.


Meanwhile, test rear brakes, and front brakes. It should be firm and stay still when applied.


That is to say, the horn should release a similar frequency of sound.

Safe Ride- How To Do It Safely?


While riding a motorcycle, try to look straight in the first place.

Safe Ride- Shoulders Posture

While riding a bike, the shoulder should occupy a normal position.

Safe Ride- Elbows

In this case, lose up the upper body, and bend your elbows in 90 degrees manner.


The handle should grip tightly and also the wrist must make 120 degrees angle. With this in mind, held a tight grip.


Also, sit straight with both your hands placed over the handle with ease.

Safe Ride Knees Position

Also, set the knees such that it does not pressure the fuel tank.

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