The Magic Of Motorbike – A Story About Magic And Money


In the late nineteen-seventies, a man by the name of David Roberts decided to create a video which he said would show people that owning a motorcycle was fun and cool. A few years later, he would create The Magic of Motorbike.

David Roberts’s goal with The Magic of Motorcycle was to show a middle-aged woman that owning a motorcycle was not only cool but also could be very profitable. He also tried to show women how to start their own business by taking a basic marketing course.

The Magic Of Motorbike - A Story About Magic And Money
The Magic Of Motorbike – A Story About Magic And Money

When The Magic of Motorbike first came out, the only way to see it was to watch it on video. This was because when it was released, cable television did not have the capacity to deliver movies in high definition. Thus, for the film to be shown, they used the VHS tape format, which was incredibly compressed.

The original movie was never seen again, but has put a copy online and allows you to view it for free. The VHS was scanned into a DVD. But David’s goal was to bring the video format back to its original state. Unfortunately, when that took place, the copying equipment he had was old and antiquated.

Blurry Mess- Magic Of Motorbike :

Due to the compression and loss of quality of the film, The Magic of Motorbike looks like a blurry mess. It is definitely not something to be taken seriously, nor should it be. Still, it is an interesting time capsule of sorts.

In his attempt to create a popular video. David Roberts managed to give viewers an insight into how young men felt about motorcycles. Many of the young men in The Magic of Motorbike were big fans of Harley Davidson. For a time, they even referred to themselves as “hogs” instead of “bikers.”

Harley Davidson was not the only brand of motorcycles Roberts attempted to sell. His story also told us a bit about the early days of the American motorcycle industry. It also helped to illustrate how David Roberts started his business.

How Successful David Roberts’s Business Was?

The Magic of Motorbike is also important because it showed how successful David Roberts’s business was. Not only did he manage to build a huge following. But the fact that he gave away the rights to his videos and then released them for free showed how serious he was about making money from his business.

Though it was no longer a new craze, it still caused quite a stir. This was due to the fact that it was the only thing that had ever shown that owning a motorcycle was not only stylish but also could be a fun and successful hobby.

The Magic Of Motorbike - A Story About Magic And Money
The Magic Of Motorbike – A Story About Magic And Money

Though the magic of a motorbike is considered an accident. One of the most important things David Roberts managed to do was help show a new generation what it was like to ride a motorcycle. No longer was the image of a bike and rider dated, but actually inspiring.

Despite this, many people consider The Magic of Motorbike to be a flop because the marketing campaign was poorly executed. However, David Roberts never got a chance to see his career as he died before he could see it come to fruition.


That is not to say that The Magic of Motorbike is a simple story, or that it has been made into a flop. In fact, it is a great source of inspiration and perhaps even a final testament to freedom. A bike can bring to those who own one.